Company Profile
Founded in October 2001, ETASIS America, Inc. is staffed by professionals with extensive engineering backgrounds and manufacturing experience. With an average of 20 years' work experience, our engineers specialize in electrical design and layout, product modification, quality control and quality assurance.
ETASIS America has designed and manufactured redundant power supplies for industrial computers,file servers, RAID subsystems, telecommunications, and 19'' IPCs.
Etasis America's policy is to provide high quality products through efficient manufacturing methods. In today's competitive computer market, reliable quality control is vital to ensure products with superior performance. We plan and administer quality control procedures aimed at achieving optimal quality and ensuring that products meet customers' specifications. We constantly develop and maintain an efficient testing and reporting system for implementing high quality standards. This ensures that throughout the entire manufacturing process we adhere to stringent specifications and procedures.
OEM/ODM Welcome
We are responsible for planning and designing all products that meet customers' and following specifications:
Sun Micro
The latest ATX, SFX and so on
Cost-Effective Manufacturing

We have extensive investment in manufacturing technology including a state-of-the-art computer control system and surface-mount technology manufacturing equipment. Our team can quickly and respond to technological advances and rapidly changing market requirements.

The combined strength of research and development and manufacturing enables ETASIS America to ramp-up new product design quickly and cost effectively.

Total Quality Management

Well designed products are meaningless without quality assurance practices. ETASIS America takes great pride in the quality of each power supply and has implemented significant measures to ensure that they are defect-free.

Numerous historical data are collected for future and on-going failure analyses. Each defect discovered is fully analyzed and repaired. All finished power supplies are subject to electrical, mechanical, and visual inspections to confirm that each product shipped meets specifications and is of the highest possible quality.

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